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Conductivity is a parameter used to measure electrical properties of a solution. The more salt, acid or alkali in a solution, the greater its conductivity. The unit of conductivity is S/m, often also S/cm.

Conductivity measurements are used for applications such as in the production of ultrapure water or determining the salinity of saltwater.

Conductivity is measured by making a measurement of the electrical resistance. The simplest kind of measuring cell used consists of two similar electrodes. An alternating voltage applied to one of the electrodes causes the ions in the solution to migrate towards the electrodes. The more ions in the solution, the greater the current which flows between the electrodes. The instrument measures the current and uses Ohm’s law to calculate first the conductance of the solution and then – by taking the cell data into account – the conductivity.


inoLab® Laboratory Conductivity Meters

Sets for benchtop meters

All benchtop meters are available in application oriented sets including sensors and accessories.

Determining conductivity…

… with the innovative inoLab® Multi 9310 IDS


inoLab? Multi 9310P IDS

  • Measuring consistency without compromises
  • Digital sensor recognition
  • Complete documentation

IDS Messzellen

With the new inoLab® Multi 9310 IDS measuring conductivity in the laboratory becomes even more reliable. The IDS technology enables ideal measurements and efficient documentation in the easiest way. The cell constant and other parameter data, such as reference temperature and temperature compensation, are inseparably and distinctively linked to the IDS conductivity cell. Wrong measurements due to inattentiveness with changing the cell are therefore excluded.

Measuring consistency

  • Error-free measurements through pre-programmed cell constants
  • Storage of measuring parameters simplifies application-oriented working
  • Proven, high-quality basic sensors to cover all measuring application areas

Measuring channel 1 (universal)
Display LCD graphic, backlit
Data storage Manual: 500 data sets/Automatic: 5000 data sets
Logger Manual/time-controlled
Interface Mini USB
Printer (optional) Thermo printer, width 58 mm
Power supply Universal power supply 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 4 x 1,5 V AA or 4 x 1.2 V NiMH akku

Reliable conductivity documentation …

… with the inoLab® Cond 7310


WTW inoLab? Cond 7310P

  • USB interface for fast data transfer
  • Data output in .csv format or via optional built-in printer
  • Battery or AC power operation

The new inoLab Cond 7310 is ideal for precision measurements in combination with automatic documentation complying with GLP/AQA in quality laboratories of all branches. An optional built-in printer is also available if required.

  • Repeatable measuring results provided by the active, automatic AutoRead function with recognition of stable end values
  • The sensor symbol provides information about the condition of the electrode
  • Graphic display with plain text menu for convenient and safe operation

  all values ±1 digit
Conductivity 0 μS/cm … 1000 mS/cm ±0.5 % of value
Salinity 0.0 … 70.0 (acc. to IOT)
0.00 … 20 MOhm cm
TDS 1 … 1999 mg/l, 0 bis 199.9 g/l
Temperature -5.0 … 105.0 °C ±0.1 °C

Measuring conductivity precisely …

… with the inoLab® Cond 7110


WTW inoLab? Cond 7110

  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Measuring range up to 1000 mS/cm
  • Including stand and sensor holder

The new inoLab® Cond 7110 is a routine conductivity measuring meter for the laboratory with a large display and functions, facilitating precise measurements. Parameters such as salinity, specific resistance and TDS also cover the determination of non-daily measured parameters. As several special cells can be connected, the most diverse applications can be addressed.

  • Repeatable measuring results through automatic AutoRead function
  • Calibration timer for scheduled monitoring of the conductivity measuring cells
  • Precise recording of measuring data through highest quality electronics

  all values ±1 digit
Conductivity 0 μS/cm … 1000 mS/cm ±0.5 % of value
Salinity 0.0 … 70.0 (acc. to IOT)
0.00 … 20 MOhm cm
TDS 0 … 1999 mg/l
Temperature -5.0 … 105.0 °C ±0.1 °C


Portable Conductivity Meters

Field Sets for Portables

Handhelds are available in convenient carry cases including sensors and accessories for immediate use. 

MultiLine® Mutli 3410 IDS

  • Measuring reliability without compromises
  • Digital sensor recognition
  • Covers the entire conductivity measuring range

The multi-parameter measuring instrument Multi 3410 IDS with an universal measuring channel is perfectly suited for portable conductivity measurement under all conditions in the field and during operation process. The IDS technology enables perfect measurements for conductivity, salinity, TDS, specific resistance and also efficient documentation for all measurements. In addition, the Multi 3410 allows connecting additional sensors and parameters.

Data storage Manual: 500 data sets
Automatic: 10.000 data sets
Data logger Manual/time-controlled
Interface USB-A and Mini-USB
Power supply Universal power supply with charging function or 4 x 1.2 V NiMH rechargeable batteries

Handheld MonoLine Cond 3310 IDS

  • Robust and waterproof for field application
  • Digital conductivity measurement from pure water to highly concentrated solutions
  • Automatic transfer of cell constant and temperature compensation





The Cond 3310 IDS is a cost effective conductivity meter for IDS conductivity cells. It is easy to operate by a well-defined menu. Together with the LR 925/01 it covers pure water applications; the TetraCon® 925 provides a wide measuring range up to highest conductivity. IDS conductivity cells store their calibration data as well as cell constant and sensor information.

Display Backlit LCD graphic
Memory manual 500 / 5000 automatic
Measuring channel 1
Protection class IP 67
Power supply 4 x 1.5 V AA or 4 x 1.2 V NiMH-rechargeable batteries, or via USB

Portable Meters ProfiLine Cond 3210/3310


  • Special cells can be connected
  • Also measures specific resistance and TDS
  • For measurements according to pharmacopeia

The versatile Cond 3210: Easily perform conductivity measurements in a wide variety of samples with either two- and/or four-electrode cells using this flexible meter, which offers the additional option of measuring with linear or without temperature compensation.
Automatically store or transmit data series: The Cond 3310 corresponds with the Cond 3210, with the added feature of an interval-controlled data logger. With a large memory capacity and a waterproof USB interface, the Cond 3310 is ideal for collecting large amounts of data, such as pumping tests that require date, time and ID number.

Conductivity 0.0 ... 1000 mS/cm ±0.5 % of value
0.000 ... 1.999 µS/cm (for K=0.01 cm-1)
0.00 ... 19.99 µS/cm (for K=0.1 cm-1)
Temperature -5.0 °C ... +105.0 °C ±0.1 °C
Salinity 0.0 ... 70.0 (according to IOT)
TDS 0 ... 1999 mg/l
0 ... 199.9 g/l
Resistivity 0.00 ... 999 MΩcm

Portable Meters ProfiLine Cond 3110


  • For KLE 325 or TetraCon® 325 cells
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Salinity measurement

Conductivity measurement made simple: the Cond 3110 is a rugged and waterproof device for portable conductivity measurement. Easy-to-use, with preset nLF temperature compensation according to EN 27888 for measuring in wastewater and natural waters.

Conductivity 0.0 ... 1000 mS/cm ±0.5 % of value
Temperature -5.0 °C ... +105.0 °C ±0.1 °C
Salinity 0.0 ... 70.0 (nach IOT)





The conductivity meter aboard the ISS.

  • Touch screen
  • Large operating range
  • Plug-in cells – no cables

VARIO® Cond is an outstanding value. This economical meter is ideal for use in process control monitoring or anywhere that a small, accurate meter is needed. The VARIO® is small, light, handy, waterproof and has a robust firm-grip rubber armor.

[µS/cm] 0.00 ... 19.99 (when using module LR01 V) 
0.0 ... 199.9 
0 ... 1999
[mS/cm] 0.00 ... 19.99
0.0 ... 199.9
Resistivity [kΩcm] 0.000 ... 1.999 
0.00 ... 19.99 
0.0 ... 199.9
0 ... 1999
Resistivity [MΩcm] 0.000 ... 1.999 
0.0 ... 199.9 
0 ... 1999
SAL 0.0 ... 70.0 according IOT
TDS [mg/l] 0 ... 1999
T [°C] -5.0 ... +105.0


Conductivity Cells


Standard Application

  • KLE 325

Universal Application

  • TetraCon® 325
  • TetraCon® V

Special Application

  • TetraCon® 325/S

Ultrapure Water Application

  • LR 325/01
  • LR 01 V

Trace Application

  • LR 325/001

Flow-through Application

  • TetraCon® DU/T

The TetraCon® 4-electrode system sets the standard for professional conductivity measurements. When compared to conventional 2-electrode conductivity cell, the TetraCon® cells offer a high degree of precision, wider measuring range and minimal immersion depth needed for measuring. Additionally, these superior cells eliminate errors caused by polarization effects, and from dirty samples.


In comparison with conventional measuring cells with 2 electrodes, the TetraCon® conductivity cell offers numerous technical advantages:

  • Highest degree of precision and linearity by optimized cell geometry
  • Extremely large measuring range with just one cell
  • Long-term cell constant stability with high-quality abrasion-resistant graphite electrodes
  • With built-in temperature probe
  • Smallest immersion depth possible
  • No measuring errors even with very dirty electrodes – contact resistance on the electrode surface is automatically compensated
  • No measuring errors from cable influences
  • No measuring errors from primary or secondary polarization effects
  • No measuring errors due to contact with side walls or base of measuring vessels
  • Robust, unbreakable epoxy body

  TetraCon®325, TetraCon® V and TetraCon® 325/S TetraCon® DU/T
Measuring range 1 µS/cm ... 2 S/cm* 1 µS/cm ... 1 S/cm*
Temperature range 0 ... 100 °C 0 ... 60 °C
  * Measuring range depends on particular instrument  

  KLE 325 LR 325/01 and LR 01 V LR 325/001
Measuring range 1 µS/cm ... 20 mS/cm 0.001 µS/cm ... 200 µS/cm 0.0001 µS/cm ... 30 µS/cm
Temperature range 0 ... 80 °C 0 ... 100 °C 0 ... 100 °C


Digital IDS Conductivity Cells


  • Proven sensor technology
  • Easy-to-handle
  • Wide range of applications

WTW offers decades of expertise in high quality, rugged conductivity cell technology, and now the new IDS conductivity cells build upon this proven technology including the automatic transfer of the cell constant feature to eliminate operation errors.
Two models are available to cover the entire conductivity range:
The four electrode cell TetraCon® 925 for medium and high level conductivity samples, and the two electrode cell LR 925/01 with flow-through vessel for pure-water and low conductivity samples.

  TetraCon® 925 LR 925/01
Conductivity 10 µS/cm ... 2000 mS/cm 
± 0.5 % of value
0.01 ... 200 µS/cm 
± 0.5 % of value
Specific resistance 0.5 Ohm cm ...100 kOhm cm 
± 0.5 % of value
5 kΩ ... 100 MΩ 
±0.5 % of value
Salinity 0.0 ... 70.0 
± 0.5 % of value
TDS 0 ... 1999 mg/l
0,0 ... 199.9 g/l 
± 0.5 % of value
Temperature 0 ... 100.0 °C 
± 0,2 °C
0 ... 100.0 °C 
± 0.2 °C