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pH, Dissolved Oxygen and Conductivity Measurements – Multi-parameter Instruments


  1. Laboratory Multi-parameter Instruments
  2. Portable Multi-parameter Instruments
  3. Multi-parameter Sondes

Convenient and cost efficient of up to 5 parameters simultaneously: This is modern multi-parameter measurement by WTW. The meters have all functionalities for pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, salinity and Temperature measurement, and for an MPP IDS additionally depth measurement.


Multi-parameter measurements are very common in the field, typical applications are ground water pumping tests, profile measurements, monitoring of surface water and many more. The most modern variant is the MultiLine® IDS systems which allow measurements up to 5 parameters with intelligent digital parameters up to 100 m water depth.


For the laboratory WTW offers the new inoLab® Multi IDS meters with one, two or three universal measuring channels. The most interesting feature is the efficient automatic sampling of GLP compliant data, e.g. for quality assurance laboratories.